Are you an up-and-coming artist or know of one? Do you feel that you have something unique that the world deserves to see her latest blog? If so, please reach out to us!

The COUNCIL OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS, CREATORS & DEALERS  OF AMERICA or CCA/CDA and also known as Artists Council –  is a not-for-profit association of passionate creators, curators,  artists, marketers and dealers with the shared goal of building and fostering a stronger relationship within the arts community while promoting creativity and innovation in art-based organizations, groups and individuals  while enabling economic empowerment in areas of all arts including but not limited to: contemporary artworks, paintings, drawings, sculptures, dance performances, theater, music, sound, poetry, visual arts and much more, with a growing number each day. CCA/CDA is supported by donations of resources, artworks, event spaces and financial contributions from members, artists, friends and people from all walks of life that love art in all forms and are empowered to nurture its growth. 

To further the growth of the art industry, we are looking for the best and brightest artists to feature in upcoming events and on our site. We are looking for painters, sculptures, musicians, dancers, actors, performers and everything in between!

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