CCA/CDA (short for The Council of Contemporary Artists, Creators and Dealers of America, as I am sure you saw in the title), is a not-for-profit association of passionate creators, curators,  artists, marketers and dealers with the shared goal of building and fostering a stronger relationship within the arts community while promoting creativity and innovation in art-based organizations, groups and individuals  while enabling economic empowerment in areas of all arts including but not limited to: contemporary artworks, paintings, drawings, sculptures, dance performances, theater, music, sound, poetry, visual arts and much more, with a growing number each day.

To CCA/CDA, art is arguably the greatest form of self-expression and allows one to either articulate fears, joys, insecurities, dreams, hopes and wishes, or to expand the perception of the world and life through the expression of others. CCA/CDA believes in a world where all perspectives and views are given the opportunity to be told, and the foundation, artists are given the freedom and means to leave their mark on the world; an opportunity that may not otherwise exist for them.

To facilitate the growth of the arts and its expression across the world, CCA/CDA encourages, sponsors and promotes the works of artists in all fields and mediums across the world. By working with local communities, CCA/CDA creates the backbone of a new world order of artists. Through CCA/CDA events, the foundation works with artists to gain sponsors, host exhibitions, sell art, conduct art talks and provide sponsorships, all to create a support system for emerging artists to hone and perform their craft without the roadblocks that artists are all too often susceptible to.

By directly supporting the artists creating in fields such as painting, sculpting, theater, poetry, dance and so much more, artists are then freed to focus entirely on their form of expression. By fostering these emerging artists at the local level, CCA/CDA is then able to give them the opportunity to present their work to the world at large, thereby creating a worldwide network of artists to help shape the ever-changing face of contemporary art her latest blog.

CCA/CDA acquires funding for these goals through donations of resources, artworks, event spaces and financial contributions from members, artists, friends and people from all walks of life that love art in all forms and are empowered to nurture its growth.

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